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Locksmith scams alert..The citizens and consumers that search for Locksmiths in Charlotte NC  need to be advised of a Locksmith scam that is very common.  There are many so called residential locksmiths in Charlotte, NC that are taking part in this scam. They are not licensed . They pose as locksmiths and give you a cheap price on the phone and then will jack up the price once they are at your location and have even been known to try and intimidate you for more money. Check out the video below. This is going on a LOT.


$15.00 dollar lockouts? You’ve seen it advertised but sadly it’s the old bait and switch and worse. Once they get to you they will usually take out a drill, air wedge or bump key first before trying a conventional method of picking your lock. A lot of the times they will drill your lock out or just tear it off and charge you an outrageous amount for the lockout and a replacement lock. If you do not  believe it, watch the video. Only hire experienced and licensed locksmiths in Charlotte NC, support  your local businesses that care.

If they pull out a drill first before trying to pick your lock, send them home.

IF they try to charge you for the service call use your smartphone or camcorder and start recording. Tell them your recording (obviously) and your going to call the copsTell them you know you are not supposed to drill out a lock before you try drilling it. Only if it is a HIGH security lock you would need to use forced entry. 

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