If your dog is extremely energetic, for sure you might have tried numerous ways on how to train him and keep him in your yard. Training this kind of dog is very challenging and most dog owners have tried installing fences, chicken wires and shouting too.

For those who have tried all means, they can say that these solutions hardly ever work and they can be discouraging and tiresome. So the question is does a dog fence really work? A dog fence in fact works for dogs. The reason why some dog owners claim that dog fences fail is because of the low-quality of certain products and also lack of dedication in training.

A dog fence is supposed to teach your dog to stay within a perimeter that you set. In order to have a successful training, you need to spend at least 15 minutes a day for the first two weeks so that he will understand how a dog fence works. After he understands how the dog fence works, make sure that your dog wears the dog fence collars every time he is outside the house. He needs to constantly wear it whenever he is outdoors so that the training process will improve from day to day. Dog owners should check from time to time if the unit is working properly and check if the batteries are charged to ensure proper training.

Not all dog fences are made equally. You need to be wise in choosing from the different brands available online. Not all brands have the same features that you need to train your dog. To make sure that you choose the right one, look for these features:

– Transmitter with lighting protection 
– Receiver with a selection of correction levels 
– Includes warranty 
– Wire made for outdoor use 

Even the most mulish dogs can understand how a dog fence works if dog owners train them properly. If dog owners follow a tolerable training process, dogs will surely learn promptly and will respect the function of dog fences. Some dog owners are not so patient in training their dogs would often ask the help of pro installers. Pro installers can effectively train the most stubborn and hard to train dogs. They have mastered the tricks that make dogs respect the use of a dog fence. If you plan to hire a pro installer, you still need to make sure that his training offers containment guarantee and is willing to refund your money if he would not be able to train your dog.

Many dog owners have found success in training with dog fences. To answer the question, you need to try it yourself and see if the dog fence really works for your dog. Just because some dog owners claimed that dog fences does not work does not mean it would not work for you because each dog trainer is different and each dog is different.

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