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TITLE: Charlotte Locksmith Basic Locksmith Services

Charlotte Locksmith Specializes in Commercial, Residential, Automotive, and Motorcycle keys. Although some specialized locksmith services vary from storefront to storefront, or from Van to Van some basic services are offered by most locksmiths. These services have to do with making new keys, opening locked doors and installing or repairing new locks. Before hiring a locksmith for any new job, be sure to ask for their license if your state requires it, that they have earned a good reputation in the business for executing the most basic tasks. If a locksmith company can perform the basics with excellence, they are more likely to be a trustworthy hire for more demanding or high-security jobs.

Locksmith Charlotte in Making Keys

Charlotte Locksmith has all the latest high tech machines and programming equipment on the market today! Most locksmiths use what is known as a code machine or Punch in order to make new keys. Every key has a series of ridges (cuts) on it that are a specific depth to match the pin heights in your lock. Each of those ridges is typically different heights. A code machine has a different code number for each different ridge height. So, as soon as a locksmith figures out the “code” of each key, they can simply set the machine to the proper depth and spacing and start punching or cutting. Every time the machine is punched or cut down, it creates one of the distinctive notches in the key.

Other cutting methods are used by locksmiths to make new keys, but the code machines serves as a standard method, that most knowledgeable locksmiths understands how to use.

Opening Doors

If you have ever locked your keys in the car or accidentally left your keys inside the house, you know that most experienced locksmiths can come and open your locked door for you. There are a number of different methods employed by professional locksmiths, from Picks, to specialized rods specific for individual automobiles.

A experienced locksmith should be able to open your car, house or any other door without doing any damage to the lock or the property itself. If the locksmith is sloppy and scratches your car or harms your home lock, you would be wise to choose another service the next time around, as damage is not necessary at all. Only in some rare occasions would a Locksmith have to drill out a lock. That would be because of High security pick proof lock, or some newer locks on the market to prevent bumping and picking.


Charlotte Locksmith A-Access Lock & Key can install new locks for you in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Whether you are interested in keeping the outer hardware and simply changing the inner workings (Re-keying) of the lock or need a new locking system including door handles, etc. Charlotte locksmith is able to provide what you need.

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